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Privacy Policy

The pages contained under are intended for the information of a variety of constituencies both internal and external to New England College including: students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, prospective students, and the general public. The content thereof is intended to support the mission and goals of and to serve as a resource that engages the community and enhances the relationship between the College and its respective audiences.

The policies contained in this manual have been compiled for the purpose of governing and maintaining NEC’s presence on the World Wide Web. Any person using these pages must conform to the following policies and is responsible for complying with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Mount Monadnock

Website Mission is the public presence of on the World Wide Web. As such, it reflects the academic excellence of our enterprise, the programmatic offerings, and the associated stories of faculty, students, and alumni who have contributed to the vitality of our academic community and their own personal success.

The mission of the College’s website is to describe to the variety of interested constituencies the success of NEC, its programs, and its extended community through compelling visual images and engaging written word. The website will serve as the most up-to-date location for pertinent information for external and internal audiences and will allow prospective students to make informed decisions and take the necessary steps towards their enrollment at the College.


Management of the Website

VP of Marketing and Communications
Oversees all content relating to the College’s web presence

VP of Information Technology
Oversees all technology relating to the College’s web presence

Content Area Managers
A number of individuals representing areas associated with the College’s web property are designated as content area managers and are charged with the responsibility for maintaining content on the College’s website. As the needs of the College’s website change over time, content areas and their managers may be reassigned to reflect current or anticipated usage. With the adoption of a formalized CMS, the number and function of content area managers will be reviewed and restructured by the College.


General Policies

New England College upholds and subscribes to all policies and provisions as stated in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 105 PL 304 (DMCA) and Title 17 of the US Code. In particular, as stated, it is unlawful to download, upload, or distribute in any fashion copyrighted material in any form without permission or a license to do so from the copyright holder. New England College does not endorse or encourage the use of copyrighted material in ways not intended for such materials.

The domain is the sole property of New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire. In addition, a number of related domains are also the property of the College. For a full list of domains owned by New England College, please contact the VP of Information Technology.

All materials, including registered trademarks of the College, contained on the website, are protected under the copyright and intellectual property laws of the United States. These may include but are not limited to logos, images, taglines, marketing copy, and graphic designs.

Any trademark of another institution contained on the websites are used with the knowledge and consent of its owner.

Any individual or department using material for which the copyright is held by another person or entity must secure written permission in advance and keep it on file for the duration of the usage. Permission may be required for the following: text, images, graphic designs, audio files, video files, tables, charts, and graphs. Care must be taken that the copyrighted material is used only for the purpose and duration of the license or agreement. Scanned material may not be used on the websites unless permission has been granted in writing by the copyright owner.

Links to external sites should be related to the College’s primary functions as described in its mission. New England College does not endorse the views, content, or opinions of any site linked to the College’s. In addition, the College may be unable to maintain connectivity to any site linked to the College’s and assumes no responsibility for continuous service to another website.

The sale or use of advertising on the New England College website is prohibited. The College may identify the sponsor of any event or program with the name of the organization, its logo, and a link to its website.

The content area manager responsible for material deemed inappropriate and removed from the College’s website may appeal before the Content Area Management group.

All pages making up the web property must reside on a College owned or designated server and comply with the policies contained in this document.

The graphic identity of New England College is important to the success of the College’s mission. All content found on the College website should conform to the requirements described in the College’s Style Guide. All pages must contain the College’s logo, a link to the home page, and a reference to the College’s Copyright Statement.


Information Collection

As an educational institution and employer, maintains records for our past, present and prospective students and employees. also has business relationships and maintains records for the individuals we work with through those partnerships. Information, including personal information, is collected by in a variety of ways at different points in an individual’s interaction with the institution for many different purposes.

Kinds of Information We Collect

The information collected, stored and processed may include:

  • Your contact information, primarily name, personal or work mailing address, email address, mobile or landline phone number, employer and job title and other types of personal information, including sensitive personal information, used to process requests and applications relating to admission, financial aid, employment, partnerships, or other programs and services. Other information we may collect includes but is not limited to birth date, age, gender, sex, state or federal ID numbers, race, military status, educational history.
  • Records of your communications with NEC, including your IP address, login/logout dates, email open dates, email clicks, web traffic, contact preferences, student contact history, chat communications and information from feedback surveys.
  • Technical information about your visit to or use of our site such as site analytics, browser information, referring URL’s, pages accessed, time and date accessed, operating system used, Google Analytics ID, other tracking data, session count, user count, and device type.
  • Marketing information such as prospective student and partner leads, current interests and preferences for contact

The above list is not exhaustive but we hope it will help you better understand the general types of information we collect. The exact information we collect, store and process about you will depend on your relationship with us. Not all types of information are collected on all individuals.

How We Collect Your Information

We generally collect information two ways, when you voluntarily provide it to us and/or automatically when you visit or use our site.

Voluntary Collection

You voluntarily provide information to us when you choose to use the webforms, electronic applications, and other online communication tools available through our site, and when you choose to disclose information through your interactions with our student advisors, admission and financial aid personnel and other authorized representatives conducting college business. We may use the information you provide to text, mail or email you information about the College.

Automatic Collection through Cookies and Other Technologies

We automatically collect information through use of cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies that are part of our site. Cookies are small data files that are transferred to your computer or mobile device that allow us to recognize you and to pass information about your visit to different portions of our site. Most internet browsers accept cookies by default. Cookies used by on our site may include:

  • Strictly necessary cookies required for the operation of our site.
  • Performance and functionality cookies that enhance the performance and functionality of our site and services, enable us to remember you and personalize content.
  • Analytics and advertising cookies that allow us to understand the effectiveness of our marketing and make our advertising more relevant to you and your interests.

Web beacons (also referred to as clear gifs, pixel tags, and single-pixel gifs) are electronic files (code) that permit us, for example, to count users who have visited certain pages and for other related website statistics (for example, understanding the popularity of certain website content).

Tracking technologies like cookies and web beacons may be set by us, or by third parties, like Google or Facebook. We and these third parties may use cookies alone or in conjunction with web beacons or other tracking technologies to collect information about you when you use our site. The information collected may be associated with your personal information, or may include personal information, about your online activities over time and across different websites and other online services. We and these third parties may use this information to provide you with interest-based (behavioral) advertising or other targeted content.

We do not control third-party tracking technologies or how they may be used. To understand how third-parties use tracking technologies, and your choices about how they use and disclose your information, you should review their respective privacy policies. You can find more information about how Google Analytics collects and processes data at . You can find more information about how to opt out of Google, Facebook, and other third-party vendor use of cookies by visiting these web pages:

  • page for your location

When you interact with any page or account on a social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, or TikTok, when you use a third-party platform’s social login to our properties, or when you use webforms on those platforms, we may collect the public information that you make available on those platforms in accordance with those platforms’ respective policies. In addition, we sometimes collect personal information about you from third party sources such as our service providers and partners that have obtained your personal information through their own data collection practices (for example, if you sign up directly with that third party for their service). Some third parties that provide information to us may also share your information with other parties. Please be sure to read these parties’ respective privacy policies to understand their data collection practices, including how they may use the information they collect from you and your options to manage the data that is shared by them.

How We Use the Information We Collect

Broadly speaking, your personal information will be used by us for the purpose of contacting you regarding information that you have requested, in conjunction with aggregated information and cookies, and/or for improving our education and other services, our marketing, and our site. We may store your information for the purpose of communicating with you about the educational programs and services offered by our college and send you updates if and when they become available. We also use the information we collect for purposes of administering our educational programs and conducting other college business, to provide services to our students, partners and employees, and to make other products and services available to individuals within the community. Occasionally, we may also use the information we collect to notify you about important changes to our site or services, new services, educational programs and related offers we think you will find valuable.

Some more specific examples of how we may use your information include:

  • Providing services to our students such as evaluating applications for admission, financial aid or student-employment, completing course registrations, enrolling you in academic groups or other programs, collecting tuition payments, facilitating study away, providing parking passes and permits, facilitating your requests for IT support, to carry out your requests to affiliate with our community or workplace partners and to deliver our online training and educational programs.
  • Providing services to our prospective students and alumni such as text updates, news, information, invitations and surveys, sending donation and engagement solicitations, reviewing web traffic and click-throughs on email to provide engagement statistics.
  • Providing you with service or safety alerts or announcements.
  • Evaluating applications for employment and providing employee on-boarding and other employment related services such as payroll services, benefits enrollment, technical support, and employee training.
  • Marketing uses such as targeted advertising via social media and other digital channels, audience classification and creation, sharing social content, tracking leads for analytics and communications purposes, conducting market research, surveys, and similar inquiries to help us understand trends and needs of our users, and offering newsletters, articles, event invitations and other information that we believe may interest you.
  • Preventing, investigating, or providing notice of fraud, unlawful or criminal activity, or unauthorized access to or use of personal information, our website or data systems, investigating or resolving inquiries initiated by current or prospective students, to meet our legal obligations, to serve the public interest or public health, and for other lawful purposes.


Responsibilities and Liabilities

The sole function of the New England College website is to conduct the business of New England College on the World Wide Web as provided in the mission of the College. For questions regarding the technology of this site, please contact the Office of Information Technology. For questions regarding the content of this site, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office.

Although the College takes great care to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information contained on its website, the College makes no express or implied warranty on, or takes any responsibility for, the information found at or for any other websites linked to this site.

The College takes every reasonable precaution to prevent the proliferation of viruses or other harmful or disruptive entities on its website. However, the College makes no warranty on, or takes responsibility for, any virus or harmful or disruptive entity encountered in the use of its website.

The College may add, change, or delete any material or link contained on its website as it sees fit, at any time, and without notice or recourse.



Visitors to the New England College website shall not:

  1. Engage in commercial activities or any other unauthorized use
  2. Violate the rights of other institutions or individuals
  3. Transmit viruses or other harmful or disruptive entities
  4. Present images or language that are illegal or that may be considered to be obscene, abusive, threatening, slanderous, or malicious
  5. Change, tamper with, or eliminate any content on this site

Visitors to the New England College website must perform all procedures and provisions of the Campus Manager program and maintain these protocols for the duration of their association with the College.

Visitors may not use any software or programs found or associated with the operation of this website.

The College shall not incur any responsibility or be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage to any party as a result of the use of its website or its ability to maintain uninterrupted presence on the World Wide Web.

The College makes no warranty as to the privacy or security of the information contained on its website.


Web Copyright Statement

The following statement will be prominently displayed on the landing pages of all major sections of the New England College website:

Copyright 2021 New England College, Henniker, New Hampshire. All rights reserved. No material found on this Website may be reproduced or transmitted in any format without the written permission of New England College.

New England College makes no warranty, either implied or expressed, as to the accuracy of the content provided here.

The College accepts no responsibility for any damages or inconvenience as a result of the use of this website or the inability of the College to maintain its continuous operation.

The College accepts no responsibility for the content found on any website linked to this web property and does not endorse the views or opinions contained therein.

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